SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - More than 50 school districts across the state of Oklahoma have now passed resolutions supporting teachers in a walkout. But one small district in Shawnee told parents they will not be closing.

Just outside of Shawnee, the North Rock Creek school district has just over 600 students who, the superintendent says, will be at school April 2 and every day after even if there is a teacher strike.

“I feel very grateful that we have teachers that were going to take care of our kids,” said Jala Murphy, a parent of two kids who go to North Rock Creek.

District parents News 9 spoke to say they understand the teacher's need for a raise, but were pleased when they received a letter from the district notifying them the district was keeping its doors open.

“That way I don’t have to worry about a babysitter while I’m at work,” said John Holder.

The district's superintendent says they polled teachers before making a decision, and only two or three wanted to walk out.

“We have a lot of kids who count on us for various reasons in our rural neighborhood for food service, education, etc.,” said Superintendent Blake Moody.

Instead, he says teachers and staff are advocating through contacting legislators. However, he says those teachers who do walk out will be fully supported.

“There will not be any type of disciplinary action for those that want to voice their concern and our communities concern that education is underfunded,” said Moody.

The superintendent says they will be sending a contingency to the Capitol on April 2, if it comes to that.