OKLAHOMA CITY - The owners of an adult novelty store that is in violation of a city ordinance, plan to stay open as they try to become the exception to the rule.

The Adam and Eve store opened this year at NW 70th and May Ave.

At issue is an ordinance that outlaws adult novelty shops within 1,000 feet of homes, schools, and parks.

Owner Andrew Ryerson-Gonzalez says he learned about the law, after he signed the lease.

“It’s pretty scary,” said Ryerson-Gonzales, who said his store has always been considered a retail establishment and not adult entertainment.

“It’s very discriminatory and there’s things that need to be addressed,” added Ryerson-Gonzales about the ordinance.

Like other ordinances, the rule is only enforced when and if the city gets a complaint.

The City confirms if did receive a complaint about the store which in on the same street has homes.

Councilman Ed Shadid proposed getting rid of what he calls an outdated law, partly because several existing adult novelty stores are in clear violation.

On Tuesday, that idea was voted down.

“I just don't think that every time somebody makes a mistake as to where they build something, where they lease, where they buy something and it conflicts with an ordinance you can just go repeal ordinances to correct the problem,” said OKC Councilman Mark Stonecipher during Monday’s meeting.

“This may end up in district court,” said Ryerson-Gonzales.

In the meantime, Ryerson-Gonzales and his husband and business partner plan to stay open while they officially apply to be the exception to the rule.

“It’s important for any business that carries the sort of products like we carry, to put themselves on stand-by,” said Ryerson-Gonzales.