OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police released body camera footage of two officer-involved shootings. One shooting was deadly and the other left the suspect injured.

The first officer-involved shooting of the year took place January 25, near Northwest 23rd and Brookline Avenue.

Officer Mark List responded to the area with his body camera. In the video, you can see the suspect, Jason Smith, 36, pointing a gun at the officer. Smith fired at the officer several times but missed. Officer List fired back and the gunman fell to the ground.

Officer List: “Stay there dude, holy smokes.”

Officer List initially responded to the area to help a motorist, but then heard a disturbance coming from the automotive shop where Smith was living. The owner of the shop said Smith was suicidal and firing his gun.

“He told me,” said David Eden, suspect’s friend. “The first cop that drives by, I’m going to shoot so they will kill me.”  

Smith was injured but has since been released from the hospital. He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The second body camera footage released is from a deadly officer-involved shooting on Feb. 1, in southeast Oklahoma City. The video captures an intense shootout between Officer Brandon McDonald and a suspected murderer, 56-year-old William Young.

Officer McDonald responded to a "disturbance unknown" call at a southeast Oklahoma City home. As he approached the door, he could hear people inside the home talking. He knocked on the door and Young answered. In a split second, Young appeared at the front door and pulled a gun. He quickly fired at the officer.

Officer McDonald fired multiple shots, killing the suspect. The officer was not injured and called for help. He realized there was still another man inside the home, later identified as the suspect's brother, 55-year-old Robert Young.  

Officer McDonald: “Get on the ground, get on the ground, don’t move!”

During the investigation following the shooting, police discovered the body of Jennifer Young, 51, inside a white van parked at the home. The woman's daughter, Rebecca Johnson was also inside the home with a gunshot wound to her face.

Officer McDonald: “Dispatch we need some ambulances. I got one down and other people in the house shot.”

Police learned both women were shot prior to Officer McDonald being called to the home.

The dead suspect's brother was arrested on complaints of first degree murder and kidnapping. He has since been charged in Cleveland County.

Both officers have been cleared of the shootings and have returned to work.