OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say they're looking for the thief who used counterfeit money to steal a woman's cellphone.

Jaylene Velasco, 19, posted her iPhone 7 on the Offer Up app, valued at $600.

Last Friday night around 7:00, she thought she had a buyer. She met the mystery man at a nearby Sonic Drive-In on NW 63rd, but Velasco forked over her phone, and she walked away with empty pockets.

“He handed me the money, shook my hand and ran. I felt the money and it didn't it feel real. I look up and it was fake,” Velasco said.

She said the six forged bills depicted Ben Franklin with a smirk on his face, and she rushed to call 911. Her two younger siblings were waiting for her in the car, and she’s glad they were all unharmed.

“Make sure, who you're dealing with first, and if you're meeting up with someone make sure it's public so you'll have witnesses and back-up as well,” Velasco said.

Security cameras caught the suspect walking up. Velasco described him as being a black male, between 16 to 17 years old, 5'7 and thin.

He still hasn’t been caught, but Oklahoma City Police believe he could be tied to other crimes in the metro.

Online investigations reveal the suspect might be connected to other stolen items, including merchandise he had for sale on his Offer Up profile.

Officers say they've also received another report, a similar theft case to Jaylene's. At a Braum's near Meridian and NW Expressway, someone else claimed a suspect stole another phone, again handing over counterfeit bills.

Officers said when selling items in person, make sure to meet in well-lit, heavily trafficked areas.

If you have any information, you’re asked to tip off Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers.