School districts across the state are rallying behind teachers threatening a walkout if Oklahoma legislatures don't step up.

Monday night, Deer Creek Public Schools was the latest district joining many others in the fight for teacher pay raises and more education funding. It was a packed house at Deer Creek High School as the board passed a resolution standing behind its teachers. Teachers voiced their struggles as others voiced their support.

“I dream of going out for a meal with my friends and being able to afford it. I dream of being able to go to Target and buy a $13 t-shirt and not having to worry about if there’s enough money in my account,” said one speaker.

“I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today without the support of the teachers I’ve had,” said another woman.

The Superintendent said walkout or not, they support their teachers and their decisions, and no teacher will face disciplinary action if they walkout. Just after noon, the Putnam City School Board unanimously voted their support to teachers, in the form of a one-day "advocacy day" on April 2, and will make a decision on further action after that.

Meanwhile, Yukon Public Schools is holding a town hall meeting discussing the walkout.