OKLAHOMA CITY - With severe weather season almost back for another dance, an Oklahoma State University-trained engineer believes he has come up with a practical above-ground storm shelter option. 

Levi Wilson said he’s found a way to convert any regular-sized bed into an above-ground storm shelter. He says wind experts at Texas Tech University have already determined his invention called “Vortex Vaults” can withstand 250 mph winds.

Wilson attaches a 12-volt battery pack underneath the bed, that battery pack he demonstrated Monday could raise or lower the bed as much as 60 inches in about 80 seconds. “Just like any standard above ground storm shelter, it’s bolted down to the concrete foundation. 

We use 5/8 concrete anchors to hold it in place,” he said.  Vortex Vaults can hold three to seven people, depending on how big the bed is. 

The cost is anywhere from $4,600 to $5,500 each.  For more information contact: sales@lifeliftsystems.com or (405) 655-5143.