EDMOND, Oklahoma - The Edmond School board unanimously voted in support of teachers considering a walkout in an emergency meeting held Monday.

Parents and teachers packed the board room, many teachers on their lunch break, were anxious to hear how the Edmond School Board would react to a possible teacher strike.

“They support us all the time and we just wanted to come and get that affirmation,” said Jenny Jewell an elementary school teacher sporting an “One Edmond” T-shirt.

Cheers and applause followed the board's unanimous approval of a resolution saying they stand by their teachers and encourage lawmakers to raise the revenue for a pay raise.

“I really was hoping to see what I saw from our school board,” said Virginia Smith, a grandparent.

“If there was a teacher walk out there would be no loss of pay or no disciplinary actions associated with teachers walking out,” said Superintendent Bret Towne.

Superintendent Towne however, says support personnel run the risk of losing pay, but they might be able to still work in certain areas.  Administrators are still working on a plan for testing, including state, Advanced Placement and ACT/SAT tests.  After school activities and sports would continue.

“At a meeting last week most Oklahoma City metropolitan and suburban districts agreed that it is in the best interest of students to attempt to keep an athletic activity schedule as close to normal as possible,” said Towne.

Students that depend on school meals would be taken care of.

“The district is considering plans to offer a child nutrition meal program at several schools around the district,” said Towne.

The Deer Creek School board and Moore School Board is meeting Monday night on this issue.  Putnam City’s board will discuss a resolution Tuesday.