EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma City man believes it’s a miracle he is alive after someone opened fire on his car Friday near Edmond. 

John Rodgers said this is the kind of thing you would expect to see in Detroit or Chicago, but not Edmond. 

"My seat goes back.  Basically, the bullet hole would be right there in my back.” Rodgers said pointing at the hole in his rear door.  “If it would have penetrated through the door it would have hit me."

He was driving on Broadway Extension, getting on to Kilpatrick Turnpike, when his girlfriend heard something strange. "She said, hey, I think I heard bang bang.’  I really didn't hear it. She heard it and said 'I think we're getting shot at' No. c'mon that's crazy." Rodgers recalled.

Rodgers said he blew it off till the next morning when he went out to his car.

"Sure enough I see something on the edge of the car and, what?  there's a hole,"  He said.

A bullet hole. Rodgers said as far as he knows he didn’t tick anyone off.

"No altercations at the restaurant.  No altercations anywhere in between.  No altercations, road rage or anything.  Just an act of violence, randomly.  Carelessly." Rodgers said. 

Randomly and carelessly, Rodgers said, without regard to his life or his girlfriends life. "It's just crazy that some random, I don't care if they're jacking around or what, randomly that could take a life.”