OKLAHOMA CITY - With School lockdowns and threats of violence becoming more common across the country and state, one local security technology company is offering its services to schools for free.

The staff at United Systems security technology based in Oklahoma wrote an open invitation letter to every Superintendent across the state. Their offer? Security assessments free of charge.

Millwood Public Schools took the company up on the offer, and the parents News 9 spoke with were grateful.

Security at Millwood Elementary is, “rigorous” according to Wanda Hargis a grandparent of three students there. The staff over at United Systems, say that is the way it should be. Especially in light of the tragedy at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School in parkland Florida and more recently the lockdown at U.S. Grant High School in OKC, after a former student brought a loaded gun onto campus.

It’s a tough thing to talk to kids about, and many are left with just thoughts and prayers.

“We always have prayer before we go to school,” said Hargis, “I call them every morning and have prayer at night.”

United Systems physical security specialist, Jarod Conrady, is working to add an additional layer of security to school campuses across the state.

“We sent a letter out to every Superintendent in the state to let them know we’re willing to offer a free security assessment for their campuses,” said Conrady.

He says it’s a service that can normally cost anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Conrady works with school districts like Millwood to identify areas where security can be improved. Stronger cameras, more door locks and identity verification systems to name few.

According to Conrady, one of the most important areas schools should focus on, is having secure entry and exit points.

Additionally, Millwood Technology Director, Shannon Hayes said school staff closely monitor social media for any alarming posts from students.