OKLAHOMA CITY - State agency employees in Oklahoma are considering walking out on the job in protest of low wages.

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association (OPEA) issued a press release Friday afternoon on the topic, and to announce a meeting with their board of directors, to take place on Saturday, where they’ll discuss “options and potentially approve a plan to support a state employee walk out.”

According to the release, OPEA lobbied for a $71 million pay increase for state employees this year, but their efforts failed to get a committee hearing and is not under consideration. They say across-the-board pay increases for state employees have not been authorized since 2008.

“If state employees decide it is time to act, we will back them 100 percent in what they want to do. Legislators need to pass a significant state employee pay raise plan and restore state agency cuts or we need to elect legislators who will,” said OPEA Executive Director, Sterling Zearley.

This is a developing story.

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