OKLAHOMA CITY - The Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority plans to hold a public hearing and five community meetings in order to receive comments on proposed bus service modifications and fare changes planned to begin July 29, 2018.

Proposed changes include: Qualification for reduced fare benefits, based on age, would increase to age 65 from age 60. The age requirement only applies to new applications dated July 29, 2018 or later. Customers already carrying an EMBARK Reduced Fare Benefit card will continue to receive the benefit; eliminating the issuance of fare change cards from fare boxes from fixed-route buses; establishing all existing fixed-route bus passes as universal passes.

Universal passes grant its holder access to both fixed-route bus and streetcar services.

Establish an Universal Annual Pass for $600.00.

Establish a downtown circulator fare schedule for Route 050 and Streetcar only services as:

Single Trip Fare *          $1.00 per boarding
Day Pass*                     $3.00
Monthly Pass*               $32.00
Annual Pass*                $384.00

*Standard Reduced Fare Benefits Apply

Route 050 Service, and adding week night service hours to Route 022. Hourly (60 minute) service would be provided from 7 pm to Midnight.

Based on input gathered at the meetings and hearing, the COTPA Board of Trustees will act on these changes in May and implementation would occur on July 29, 2018. All comments (written or oral) received during these events will be considered when evaluating the proposals.