OKLAHOMA CITY - The search is on for a new Superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS). The vacancy is a result of Aurora Lora's resignation in January.

Lee Roland is applying for the position. So News 9 asked him to discuss the future possibilities.

He said he wants the OKCPS Board of Education to hear his specific ideas directly from him, but shared with News 9 some general insight.

Roland is a product of OKCPS, graduating from Star Spencer High School. After college, he became a teacher and then a principal.

He spent the last 12 years of his career leading the ship at Tulakes Elementary School in the Putnam City School District. He said the school overcame formidable odds.

“We’ve just got to empower people, love on people. And I don’t want to be too redundant with that word, but I’m just telling you, love covers a multitude of things. And it made all the difference. My staff knew that I loved them, my children knew it, my parents knew it. And when they felt that love, it was just contagious. And so it just permeated every part of our building. Teachers loved me back, they loved the children. It was just a beautiful thing. I want to share those best practices with all of Oklahoma City,” Roland said.

Roland currently works as a motivational speaker, pastor and professor. He recently submitted a letter of interest to the OKCPS Board of Education for the Superintendent position.

“I could rally some people around a shared vision and we could bring down the walls that have over time been built up that’s held this district back from success,” Roland said.

OKCPS is getting help from the Oklahoma State School Boards Association in the hiring process. According to the job posting, they'll be accepting applications through the end of this month and doing interviews in April.