OKLAHOMA CITY - A state House of Representatives committee passed two controversial bills that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools and allow Oklahomans to carry without a permit. 

Representative Jeff Coody presented two bills. One, the so called Constitutional carry bill, would allow anyone 21-and over without a felony conviction to carry a gun without a permit.

“It allows for the carry of those firearms without a permit or training, correct?” Representative Emily Virgin (D) Democratic Caucus Chair asked.

Coody replied, “The permit that’s involved here is the second amendment.”

Representative Cory Williams Stillwater responded, “Considering that the people who wrote the second amendment actually owned other people, thought black people were only worth three fifths of a person and would never allow your mother to vote much less hold public office before you, do you think maybe some reasonable restrictions on the second amendment might be in order?”

The second bill would allow school districts to decide whether teachers and staff could carry guns in schools.

“Many of our school shootings have had a law enforcement response, but it’s either been inadequate or it’s been not there or they waited for back up or whatever. The only reasonable solution in many of these cases is to have someone on the inside,” Coody argued.

Representative Virgin pointed out, in the Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead police were on campus with guns.

“But they did not respond. So, there were people with firearms on campus and it still didn’t prevent it or even really slow it down.” Virgin said, “So, do you think perhaps the problem is somewhere else?”

Coody replied, “I think you answered your own question. I think that was the problem.”

The bills now go to the full House of Representatives.