OKLAHOMA CITY - OSBI investigators have been investigating a threat against Oklahoma State Representative Mark McBride. Special Agent Steve Tanner believes they have identified the person behind it.

News 9 requested the court documents from Travis County, Texas. It includes a subpoena for a man out of Austin named George Shipley. Upon research, Mr. Shipley is a political consultant, well known as Dr. Dirt.

In January 2018, McBride told News 9 he felt like someone was following him. A source warned him to be careful, that a “wind group” wanted to discredit him. McBride was attempting to write legislation that would tax wind energy companies.

McBride was told to check his vehicle. He found a tracking device attached to his truck after noticing a vehicle parked behind his home.

He notified the Moore Police Department and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. OSBI traced the tracker to Eastridge Investigations, a private company hired by George Shipley to dig information on McBride. OSBI did a search on Shipley’s address and discovered it matched the offices of the Wind Coalition.

According to the court documents, the Oklahoma Multicounty Grand Jury is requesting for Shipley to appear next Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.