NEWCASTLE, Oklahoma - Parents in Newcastle are digging deeper into the school district's finances and say their money could be spent better.

The information is all public record and all listed on the state education department's website.

News 9 looked into the salaries and total pay of school district employees and was overwhelmed by the wealth of information that was found. 

So some highlights from the more than 115,000 data points: superintendents at Bridge Creek, Newcastle and Noble all make more than $100,000.

Four-day school week districts like Crutcho and Little Axe have superintendents making a base salary of close to $90,000.

You don't notice much until you look at certified staff alongside support staff.

That's where parent Tyler Riddle said he found some things he's just not OK with in the Newcastle school district.

"There's a cloud of mystery of why do we have two figures that are pulling in a combined salary that is only less than the Tulsa superintendent in this 

Tuttle and Blanchard are both nearby five-day school week districts that don't charge student activity fees.