GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - There was a police presence at Guthrie High School Tuesday after district officials said they were made aware of plans for violence reported on social media.

Police determined there was no threat, but more than a dozen members of law enforcement were at the school anyway. They said they wanted to make sure everyone felt safe.

According to Guthrie Police, in early February, school officials reported possible threats by a student on Snapchat. Officers said they thoroughly investigated.

“They had learned that although there was some questionable content within these Snapchats, there actually was not a criminal threat,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

Then about a week later, there was the Florida school tragedy. With that, plus other student social media posts, police said wild rumors developed.

Officers said they looked at every thread, tracing them back to the source.

“This was a bad game of Telephone is what it ended up being,” Sgt. Gibbs explained. “One person began to talk to another person, who ended up giving misinformation, who talked to a few other people and then it spiraled out of control.”

And even though officers believed there was no credible threat, they still responded to help teachers, students and parents have a little more peace of mind.

There were multiple Guthrie Police officers who donated their personal time to be at the school today.

Two deputies from the Logan County Sheriff's Office were requested, but six showed up.

Guthrie Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson released the following statement: “I want to thank the Guthrie Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance today in providing additional layers of security to assure student safety. We will continue to investigate any reports so we provide a safe learning environment for our students.”