OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City inventor believes he’s come up with at least a partial solution to the recent wave of copper theft.

Jim Davidson says all copper thieves need is either a hammer or a screw driver to break into the base of light poles to rip out copper wire.

“They’re not very secure,” he said.

Davidson says a device he’s dubbed the “Copper Locker” makes copper theft in light poles virtually impossible. The device includes a steel attachment, and a stainless-steel Master Lock.

The OTA says they believe in the product, and plan to use it along the Oklahoma Turnpike.

An ODOT Spokesperson told News 9 they plan to use the product too, if ODOT’s Traffic Division gives the approval.

“Nothing is a hundred percent, because somebody could take a cutting torch or a bulldozer and dig it up and cut it, but it is the most theft deterrent product out there,” Davidson said. 

Davidson says his product costs in the neighborhood of $200 per light pole.