OKLAHOMA CITY - Last Monday, Oklahoma City Police rushed over to Adams Avenue after two 911 callers, reported a man screaming outside on someone’s front lawn.

One of those women was inside the home that 34-year old Luis Alberto Gonzalez was trying to break into. Ashley Calvert said she had her two-year old child in her arms, but was able to call for help.

Here’s what she told 911 dispatchers:

“Our neighbor just came, my two year old was in my house, he came over here yelling at my fiancé, kicking in my front door, busting my window. It's all messed-up, you'll see,” Calvert said.

They said just before that, Gonzales was walking around the neighborhood wearing a hard hat. Within moments, the couple living in the homes said he threw that construction helmet through their window, and kicked in their doors.

Police cite in their report that about a day before, Calvert’s fiancé, Jesse Cline went over to Gonzales Jr.’s house asking him to turn down his blaring music.

He initially apologized.

“I went over there and he had his music up so loud, I had to hit the door pretty hard, and he wasn't hearing me obviously so I was hitting it harder, and harder and harder,” said Cline.

That was about 5 in the morning according to the couple; they said around 11 the next night is when their home was attacked.

Turns out, Gonzalez Jr., has a history of violence.

Online court records show, Gonzalez Jr. has been in and out of the system since 2002.

Pleading guilty to larceny of a home, malicious injury and destruction of property, harassing phone calls, domestic abuse in front of a minor and assault with a dangerous weapon. Calvert said she still has a bruise from pushing Gonzales out of her home.

The family’s pitbull stood guard, as Cline went to grab a baseball bat.

That was also recorded on the 911 call:

“Come at me dude. Come at me dude cause I will crack your f****** skull.”

Calvert said Gonzales was known to carry a large knife, and even followed one of her children to the bus stop once showing the weapon. Now, she’s concerned he might have ties to area gangs.

“With him saying and making those threats, that he is going to kills us and he is going to send ab to come kills us if he gets locked up. I don't know if he has any affiliations to these gangs,” Calvert says.

The AB she mentioned, likely the Aryan Brotherhood. 

Gonzales is jailed on complaints of Trespassing, Breaking and Entering, Threating Acts of Violence, and Destroying Private Property.