MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - George Malone is the kind of guy who looks out for his Midwest City neighbors.

“I believe in safety first, for both your family and your neighborhood,” Malone said.

After his tools were stolen out of his truck last year, Malone installed four security cameras around his home. He says the next time there’s crime on his block, he’s sharing his footage with Midwest City Police for evidence.

“I'd take them in the house and rewind it and show it to them,” Malone said.

Police say they need more people like Malone on their side, so Lt. Steve Simonson launched a camera registration system late last week.

People with security cameras can sign up on the city’s website just by adding a name and address.

When a crime happens, cameras on the list will show up on a map for officers.

“The officer could check that area and see if there are any icons for the cameras,” Simonson said.

The list is completely voluntary, and doesn’t allow police to hack into camera footage.

“This information that we're collecting is not releasable to the public, so if somebody does have a video and they provide it to us, they don't have to fear about somebody finding out,” Simonson said.

Since the list launched Thursday, the department says 25 people have already signed up.

“I hope that it will continue to grow,” Simonson said.

As for Malone, he says he’d gladly sign up.

“I always work with police. You have to because that’s part of security,” Malone said.