ANADARKO, Oklahoma - Nine months is a long time not to see someone you love, especially when you’re just five and six years old.

Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade Zachary East’s girls haven’t seen him in 9 months. So when he got the chance, he went to Sunset Elementary School in Anadarko to surprise them; first to see five year old Brooke in her kindergarten class.   

"We were about to read a story and a project.  Well, we didn't but my daddy came in and then I just reacted and hugged him and then everybody said daddy when I said daddy," Brooke said.

Then over to see 6-year old Alora in her class.

"I didn't even know he was going to come,” Alora said.

For dad, these are the hugs he’s been waiting nine months to get. 

"Brooke immediately jumped up and gave me a hug and Alora just had a really shocked expression on her face looking at me.  She's normally the quiet one so that was really out of the normal for her so it made me feel really good," Lt. East said.  "It was awesome getting to see them.  Especially getting to see their faces light up for the first time in nine months."

As for the girls, they already have plans for their dad. "Go to Chucky..go Chucky Cheese.  I got a good one.  Eat ribs.  Ribs with him."

Lieutenant East is only on leave for two weeks so they’ll have to pack a lot of rib eating into that short amount of time.