MUSTANG, Oklahoma - Police in Mustang are investigating a rash of car burglaries. Several residents woke up Thursday morning to find their vehicles ransacked and property stolen.

Icy, snow covered roads did not stop thieves from hitting the Mustang neighborhood, as seen in one neighbor’s home surveillance video.

“They came out really early this morning to do it too,” said Angela Cox, theft victim. “When everybody was sleeping.”

Police said the winter weather gave the thieves multiple opportunities. In the video, the suspects are seen looking for unlocked vehicles parked in driveways.

Angela Cox discovered her husband's truck had been targeted.

“The console had been ripped apart,” said Cox. “Things were thrown in the seat and floorboard.”

She said the thieves took a tablet, knives and a high-dollar flash light her husband used for work.

Police confirm several other neighbors had property stolen from their vehicles. Neighbors reported seeing multiple people walking around homes and driving a dark-colored pickup with an extended cab.

Police are concerned because the suspects now have a handgun that was taken from one of the vehicles. 

“Hopefully someone can recognize the vehicle,” said Cox. “And maybe the people walking up and down the street.”

She also wants to stress the importance of making sure vehicle doors are locked.

“Keep your trucks locked,” said Cox. “And if you’re battery is low do it by key.”