OKLAHOMA CITY - A helpful citizen assists Oklahoma City Police in catching three home intruders.

The owners of the Southwest Oklahoma City home had a relative keeping an eye on their place while they were out-of-town. When the relative came to check on the home, he found it had been ransacked and a pile of the homeowner's belongings was in the living room, as if someone was coming back to collect the property.

“He called for police,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Officers actually set-up in the area to watch the house.”

Officers spotted a woman walking through the backyard, carrying items from the home.

Police arrested Starr Esgar, 32, and went looking for the other suspects.

Joram Vasquez, 30, was found hiding in a white SUV parked in the driveway of the home and police said he had a plastic baggy with what appeared to be marijuana.  Officers noticed the SUV had been ransacked and wires were pulled in an attempt to hot wire the vehicle.

The third suspect Joshua Morrow, 31, was discovered hiding in the basement of the home.

During the investigation, officers learned the suspects took an unusual way to break into the home.

“It appears they possibly came in through the ceiling of the house,” said Knight.

The report states two large holes had been cut in the kitchen and hallway ceilings.

Police said had the relative not been watching the home, officers might not have caught the three suspects red-handed.

“It is always a good idea to have somebody paying attention to your house,” said Knight. “That’s what led us to these three suspects.”

The three intruders are in the Oklahoma County Jail on second degree burglary. One suspect also faces a complaint of attempted car theft and possession of marijuana.