Freezing rain and sleet have been falling across the Sooner State all day on Wednesday.

KWTV viewers have been quite active with their cameras, too, sending us pics and videos from all over Oklahoma.

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(Above: Travis Vernier, SW OKC)

(Above: An Camp)

image1.jpeg(Above: Heather Johnson, Lexington)  

(Above: Tabitha Deskin, Lindsay)

(Above: Franky Massuer, Bricktown)

(Above: Natalie Morris)

(Above: Georgia Seres)

(Above: Paige Palmer, Blanchard)

(Above: Malynda Wallace, Bridge Creek)

(Above: Railyn Davis)

(Above: Jasper Jaxon)

(Above: Brooke Wilson)

(Above: Eli, Yukon)