OKLAHOMA CITY - Despite new leadership, don't expect a big change in direction at Oklahoma City Public Schools. That's according to Rebecca Kaye who took over as acting superintendent three weeks ago.

Kaye is taking on the job at a very tumultuous time, both in the district and in the state. She’s the 12th person to lead Oklahoma City Schools in the past 18 years.

“I knew that it was needed, when you get the call you say yes,” she said Tuesday.

Yes, however, means heading up the state's largest school district as teachers are in short supply, budgets are shrinking and school violence continues to make headlines.

“The stakes are so high for us, there are 46,000 kids in classrooms right now, especially last week we get reminders that it’s not just kids learning that’s at stake in what we do. It’s their lives.”

Kaye was former Superintendent Aurora Lora's Chief of Staff and clearly acknowledges the stress of the job.

“One of my big priorities is to go to yoga three times a week, because I’m not doing anybody any favors if I don’t take care of myself first.”

She also says she's working on improving communication within the district. As far as strategy goes, she says the board has told her they believe they are moving in the right direction.

“My job right now is to just keep moving the ball forward and to make sure that we’re all doing all the things that we promised that we were going to do.”

Kaye also said she believes it's important for her to have a seat at the table as the legislature makes important decisions, especially as the head of a large urban district.