South Side Sleds is missing it’s motorcycle trailer, worth about $6,000. The owner says a thief, or thieves, stole it sometime between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

This is the second time in about 6 months the business has reported a hit by burglars.“This first car-hauler got stolen about 6 or 7 months ago from our previous location,” says Owner Shawn Folmar.

But with the help of Facebook friends and strangers, Folmar says he got it back within close to 24 hours.

His team switched locations to be in a better area, but this past weekend, a different trailer stolen and a different story.

Folmar’s lark trailer still hasn't been located.

It was locked up with other equipment inside, and located on the northside of town near I-35.

“They could steal it from here, get directly on the highway and get out of Dodge,” Shawn Folmar.

However, employees say they did find damage to the back fence, including pieces to a headlight from where thieves possibly wrecked into a pole on the property.

Staff say it’s been turned over to police, but that didn’t stop them from looking into the clues themselves.

“Me being a car guy, I kinda did my own little CSI thing and figured out that it looks like it came off a late Model-F series pick-up, and it would be the driver's side,” Folmar says.

So, Shawn asked for Facebook’s help again.

Since the 17th, his post has been shared nearly 1,000 times.

“I work very hard to be as poor as I am. So, you're not only stealing from me, you're stealing from my family. You're stealing from my customers,” Folmar says.

He says because he can't pick-up motorcycles without his trailer, other local bike shops have stepped-up and are handling the deliveries.

Employees will also be checking nearby businesses for their security footage after the holiday weekend.