OKLAHOMA CITY - You won't find a better basketball showman than Sweet Lou Dunbar, a Harlem Globetrotter for 27 years, and now the team's coach. And his son, Lou Jr., knows how to put on a show too.

The Oklahoma City University senior once scored 50 points in game, including a school record 11 3's.

"They say, you know, you're a lot like your dad, there isn't a shot he didn't like or never liked," said Dunbar.

Dunbar had to spend a lot of time off the court last year after tearing his ACL, and he says he still doesn't feel like he's back to 100% this season. But one thing that has helped, is always having his father's advice, himself a standout player at Houston.

"After every game, he'll give me a call, let me know what he thinks," said Dunbar. "Usually good, whenever it's bad, I just take it."

Dunbar Jr. has dreams of playing in the NBA one day, but his dad is the Globetrotters coach, so would Coach Dunbar give his son a shot?

"I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but that's a possibility, we may look at him, it depends on how his dad is feeling that day," Dunbar Sr. said.