TULSA, Oklahoma - A man's daughter wants justice after she said someone rear-ended her dad and then tried to run him over.

Melissa Damirian said her dad is still in the hospital and needing surgery after she said a fender bender turned into a road rage incident that happened near Admiral and Garnett.

Melissa Damirian said a woman was tailgating her dad Tuesday evening.

"When they exited, she hit the back end of his truck. So, he tried to pull over to get her information, and she didn't stop," said Damirian. 

In a video, you can see Matt Miller get out of his car and then see the person reverse toward him.

"At that time, my dad had to jump on her hood to basically save his life," Damirian said. 

The woman swerves, eventually throwing Miller off the hood of the car.

Damirian said her dad has several broken bones, bleeding on both sides of his brain, and memory loss.

"He's really confused. He thinks it's 2014," said Damirian. 

She said when her mom called her to tell her what happened, she rushed to the scene.

"There was blood all over the parking lot," Damirian said, "I was hysterical, I thought my dad was dead."

Now, Damirian said her family just wants the person who did this to come forward.

"Just be honest. My dad is not the type of person that's going to want anybody to be sent to prison and the key thrown away," she said, "we want something done about it. We want justice for our dad."

Tulsa Police say they are not searching for a hit-and-run driver in connection with the case. They say they do not believe the woman driver did anything wrong.

Police say the male driver said he believed the woman was tailgating him so he pulled over to talk to her. They say when she opened her door to talk to him, she dinged his vehicle door.

He told officers the two exchanged words and he either showed her his gun or told her he had a gun and that’s when she hit the gas and took off, according to police. Police say he does have a permit to carry a firearm.

Police say he told them he then jumped onto the hood of the woman’s car because he did not want her to leave.

They say a hit-and-run must involve a collision and there was no collision in this case.