WARR ACRES, Oklahoma - Raychel Baker and her family recently moved to Warr Acres, a city just outside of Oklahoma City.

“We moved from Stillwater to be closer to the doctors here and we’re five minutes away from the hospital which is nice,” said Raychel.

Since Raychel was ten, she’s been in and out of the hospital with an idiopathic lung condition. Doctors don’t know how she got sick.

Raychel needs an oxygen machine to survive. She also has to do five to seven breathing treatments a day.

For several years, Raychel’s lung capacity was at 30 percent. In the last few years, it has dropped down to 13 percent. Raychel can’t walk much without losing breath. She also has a hard time leaving the house.

She recently got put on the top of a double lung transplant list at Integris Hospital.

Raychel’s husband, Bryson Baker, works three jobs to support the family. Even while saving money, he knows they will need some help.

“We threw up this GoFundMe page, trying to fill that gap and looing to raise 15,000 dollars. Within 72 hours, we’ve raised 23,000 dollars,” said Bryson.

They are blown away by the generosity of friends, family and strangers. The donations continue to roll in for Raychel’s endless medical bills.

She’s excited to get a lung transplant, but doesn’t know when it will be. She’s patiently for that call to come.