OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are asking for your help identifying the man who held up a Hispanic grocery store on Saturday.

The robbery turned into an hours-long bomb squad investigation. Police have now released the surveillance video from the incident.

The suspect used a gun and a fake bomb to scare the clerk into giving up the cash. The video does not show a clear view of the suspect's face, but the clerk at Supermercado El Rodeo told police the man is Hispanic and has a large birthmark on one side of his face. He spoke to the woman in Spanish and threatened to detonate the device he put on the counter.

The suspect pointed the gun at her as she loaded up a plastic bag with money. The man ran from the store once he got the cash, leaving the device behind in an attempt to deter any pursuit, but employees chased after him anyway.

“The bomb techs had to respond, clear the building and treat it as a potential real bomb,” said Officer Megan Morgan, “because they have no way of knowing until they clear it and deem it safe, that it is actually a fake bomb.”

A witness saw the suspect get into a vehicle in a nearby apartment complex, and that SUV was also seen on surveillance. Police believe it is an early 90s Toyota 4Runner.

If you have any information about the robber or recognize his vehicle, call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.