OKLAHOMA CITY - There are three candidates in Tuesday's primary election for the office of Oklahoma City mayor. 

All it takes is a majority of the vote for one of the three candidates to get elected.

Before serving as state senator, David Holt worked for current city mayor, Mick Cornett, as chief of staff.

During the course of his campaign, Holt has raised close to $500,000.

His number of endorsements exceed 1,000 and include notable ones from governors and former mayors.

Holt said his priorities are education, the MAPS program and diversity should he win.

Challenging Holt are University of Oklahoma student Taylor Neighbors and former auditor Randall Smith.

If Holt does not come away with a majority Tuesday, another election between the top two candidates will take place on April 3.

"I don't know what other people's perceptions are, but we're treating it like we're in a dog fight," Holt said.

Should he win on Tuesday, Holt would start as mayor beginning in April.

His state Senate seat would be filled during a general election.