NORMAN, Oklahoma - All his life, Doctor Gabriel Bird has walked past the old empty lumber yard in downtown Norman.

Friday was a new beginning for the forgotten space.

The Norman Dentist is building his new office on half the West Main Street space, and turning the other half into a food truck park.

It will be called TOLY Park and stands for, “The Old Lumber Yard.”

The park will fit up to four food trucks at a time.

Bird has a vision for tables, games even a stage for music.

“We just are running out of places to put food trucks, so it's going to be nice to have an anchor spot for them to go,” Bird said.

This will be the first official food truck park in Norman.

It's also the first City Center Vision development in Norman.

City Center is a project to regulate and develop downtown. 

The Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Martin says he hopes this starts a trend.

“This really compliments that and really helps start even more renovation, more construction,” Martin said.

The construction is coming completely out of Bird's pocket as a $1.9 million investment.

“Finally, you see somebody who's home grown and have a great idea and want to further his own dental practice and bring that energy downtown,” Martin said.

Visitors can start filling the space when the food truck park opens in spring.

Bird says the dental office will open in about a year.