DOVER, Oklahoma - The community was invited to see the new, improved Dover High School, a new beginning for a small-town school that burned down a couple of years ago.

When Dover High School burned down two years ago, rebuilding was the only option. You see, this is more than just a high school. This is the history of the town.

For old friends from the Dover High School, class of 1953, walking these halls is a walk down memory lane. They become giggling schoolgirls again. Looking at old class pictures on the walls brings back a flood of memories.

"I'm really amazed at how nice it is," said Wanda Beaman, class of '53. "And they used the same colors that we had when we were in school."

Dorothy Hawkins is happy to see the school the way it is now. Two years ago, the school caught fire in the middle of the night. The roof collapsed, and for a lot of people in this small town ,all those memories collapsed along with it.

The community rallied. Insurance checks came in. Even News 9 And Metro Ford of OKC came through with a $10,000 check to rebuild, to make the school better than it was before the fire. Today, the hallways are wider. The classrooms are bigger and high tech.

"All the rooms are equipped with smart TV's," said Trilla Cranford, Principal of Dover Elementary School, "Apple TV's. We have plenty of iPads and laptops for the students to use. Desktops. Kind of the best you can get."

Beaman looks forward to the next generation creating the best memories you can get.

"It's like coming home again," Beaman said. "This is where I grew up and my friends are here today, the ones that could be here, and so, it's just nice to be back and have that feeling of, 'hey, we're back home.'"