DEL CITY, Oklahoma - The owner of a Del City massage parlor is in jail after a major police operation. Officers are now concerned there are several victims out there.

Earlier this week, a woman made a report to the Del City Police Department. She said the owner of Hamila’s Uplifts on Linda Lane sexually assaulted her during a massage session.

Police looked into the case and planned a sting operation. An undercover officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department came to assist. She bought a massage package for Hamila’s on Groupon and set the appointment for Thursday night at 8:30.

Del City Police Department had seven officers outside of the store to backup the undercover officer.

The undercover was met by Keyvan Kamooney, the owner. Police say he locked the door and took her to the back room.

“No weapons, nothing on her. She just had a towel wrapped around her. That’s all,” said Major Kleber. He said they were tapped into the room and were able to hear what was going on. As soon as she cued the officers, they busted through the glass door and arrested Kamooney.  

Kleber thinks there are several more victims. The business has been around since 2013. Any other victims are asked to make a report to the Del City Police Department.