OKLAHOMA CITY - Prosecutors presented new evidence Friday in the murder trial of a Bethany man.

Dustin Davison, 25, faces the death penalty for the alleged killing of his girlfriend’s two-year-old boy.

Jurors watched a nearly two-hour jail interview between a Bethany detective and Davison. They listened as Davison changed his story several times.

The day Kreedin Brooks, 2, died, Davison told investigators he took a shower and found the victim unresponsive on the floor of his Bethany apartment. Later that day, Davison said the boy fell and hit his head on a coffee table.

The toddler was in Davison’s care when he died from multiple blunt force trauma.

Throughout the investigation the suspect gave detectives conflicting stories.

In a jail interview, a Bethany detective called the murder suspect a liar and a monster.

Davison first told the detective the victim fell off the apartment balcony and landed on tree roots. Davison then admitted he was in a bad mood and angry after taking his girlfriend, the victim’s mother, to work.

He described how he slammed a door on the toddler, kicked a soccer ball at his face, pulled a chair out from under him and then slammed another door on the victim causing him to fall to his face. He said the final blow was when he slammed the victim to the floor causing the fatal skull fracture.

Davison said none of it was intentional and it was an accident.

Prosecutors said Davison is expected to take the stand at some point during the trial.