OKLAHOMA CITY - After spending a month working to restore power in Puerto Rico, the first wave of OG&E workers are on their way home.

Meanwhile, a second crew is headed out in their place.

Despite being on the island for 20 days, more help is still needed. Another crew will fly out Thursday morning. 

The second wave of 50 OG&E line crew members will relieve the first wave of members that have been on the island since Jan. 20.

Almost four months after Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico and caused an island-wide power outage, about 63 percent of residents have had their power restored.

The transfer of crews will take place within one day.

The new team will land and deplane in San Juan.

The first wave of crew members will board that same plane and return Thursday evening to Oklahoma City.

This newest group of crews will work for 20 days beginning Friday.