OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dashcam video of a wild chase and shootout from Sept. 2017. The suspect, Patrick Smith, 32, is in prison for the chase.

It started as a traffic stop in southeast Oklahoma City. The truck seen in this dashcam video is driving with a flat tire.

Authorities said Smith, a convicted refused to stop and started the dangerous chase through the metro. At one point, Smith shot at police and police fired back.

OHP joined officers in the chase. Smith also fired at troopers and hit one of the trooper's vehicles.

Even with two flat tires, Smith did not slow down.

In a last-minute move, a trooper took a chance and fired two shots at the suspect through his windshield.

Officials admit it was an unusual move, but worked.

“It’s a judgement call,” said Capt. Paul Timmons, Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “I’ll put it that way. You know, in a situation like this, you only have seconds to make a determination on how are you going to best end this.”

The suspect was hit by the gunfire and another trooper performed a tactical maneuver that caused the truck to crash. The chase ended near Southwest 54th and MacArthur.

Smith's female passenger was ejected when the truck flipped and was critically injured.

Smith has pleaded guilty to nine felony counts related to the chase and is now in prison.

“In this situation we are very fortunate that we were able to end this pursuit and take these people into custody,” said Timmons.

Smith has a long criminal history, he did time in 2005 for another police chase.