EDMOND, Oklahoma - Plans are underway for a huge $14 million tennis complex in Edmond.

The facility is a partnership between Edmond Schools and the City of Edmond. It will have 18 outdoor tennis courts with two or three championship courts with seating, and 10 indoor courts. The clubhouse will have separate locker rooms for each Edmond high school, plus ones for the public.

“For Oklahoma this will be top notch,” said Edmond Superintendent Bret Towne.

Edmond Schools is providing half of the funding for the project, the City will provide the other half.  The city has already purchased the land where complex will be built on the Northeast corner of 15th and Kelly.

Towne said the tennis facilities at Edmond Schools were near love (zero) so they approached the City about playing doubles.

“We thought of the concept, let’s do something together so we can do things larger than we would if we did them at each site,” said Towne.

Much like the successful partnership between Edmond Schools, the City and the Mitch Park YMCA, Edmond Schools would have use of the facility for practice and tournaments. When they're not using the courts, they will be open to the public.

“That’s the beauty of it, if we build something we only use it a limited amount of time,” explained Towne. “This way the whole community gets to leverage funds from both entities and we get something that’s much greater than any of us would do individually.”

Towne said they hope to start accepting bids for the project this spring, with construction complete by fall of 2019.