CHICKASHA, Oklahoma - Close to $2,500 is gone, and a loaded gun is missing out of Chickasha.

Pastor Alice Wendling says she went to church Sunday night with her husband Buddy around 6:00 P.M., and when they got home three hours later their garage door had been kicked-in.

“I am praying for them, and I'm praying there's gotta be some deep feelings of some kind do to these things, so I am praying for them,” Pastor Alice says.

The Wendlings say the safe in their study had been stolen as well as a gun in their bedroom. However, they add the rest of the home appeared untouched by the thief. The couple says most of what was in the safe came from the church offering plate.

“When I bring them home, I put them in the safe and Monday I do my books and go deposit the money,” Pastor Alice says.

Loose nails and boards littered the couples garage. The door had been locked, and the Wendlings believe whoever broke-in knew they would be away at church during those hours.

They also say they think the criminal is someone they know.

“I went to the prison a lot. I went to the jail a lot. I ministered there a lot. We understand and know there are people out there that do these things, and they think about people that may have money,” Pastor Alice says.

Alice says a member of her congregation will be stopping by tonight to repair their damaged door.

The couple will also be adding more security fixtures to their property. They hope the money can be recovered.

They say a portion of the stolen funds were slated to build a new gymnasium for the church,