MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - As lawmakers crack down on opioid distribution, local pain patients are being forced to find other options. Some have found relief in cannabis-based products, and people with other ailments are also reaping the benefits of CBD.

Seizures were once the norm for Siera Peterson. They started in sixth grade, and struck her as often as twice a month. Doctors struggled to find the right medication for her, until she and her parents learned about legal, hemp-based CBD oil.

Her father Geoffrey Peterson says, “When we found this stuff it was like God opened a door, a pathway to freedom.”

Now at 18 years old, Siera is able to drive, attend vocational school and she has not had a seizure in nearly a year. “I actually get to interact with people, do my work and not skip school so much,” she says with a smile.

Siera now gets her medicine from Cann-Help Wellness, Midwest City's first CBD specialty store, which held its official grand opening this week.

People from all walks of life came to seek out their products, including Patricia Ehrenberg, who started taking opioids in 2009 for fibromyalgia, lupus and restless leg syndrome.

Patricia says, “It’s like I woke up and the fog has lifted.”

Patricia is now off of all of her opioids, but admits the process was not easy. Recent laws restricted her access to pills, then her insurance dropped coverage for her pain doctor, but then she was introduced to CBD products.

During the switch, Patricia did suffer some withdrawal symptoms, but CBD topicals now ease her pain in ways opioids never did. “I’ve put it on my feet and on my legs and it has helped tremendously in calming down the restless legs,” she says.

Made without any THC, CBD has helped change the lives of many Oklahomans, and it is becoming more readily available.

Some of these families are now looking ahead to the impending vote on its more potent cousin, medical marijuana.

“I’m not saying that marijuana ought to be legal for people to smoke and do partying and all that stuff with, but I believe that we need to research it a lot more,” says Geoffrey.

Oklahomans will vote on that issue June 26.

Some local stores that offer CBD products include:

  • Cann-Help Wellness – 2150A S Douglas Blvd, Midwest City
  • CBD American Shaman – 7401 S Walker Ave, OKC
  • CBD Hut – 4491B NW 50th St, OKC
  • CBD Hut – 8816 S Penn Ave, OKC
  • CBD Wellness of Oklahoma – 3901 College Ave, Bethany
  • Emerald Elite CBD – 4623 SE 29th St, Del City
  • Herban Mother – 607 NW 28th St, Suite A, OKC
  • Natural Native CBD Co. – 263 34th Ave SW, Norman
  • OKC American Shaman – 9112 N MacArthur Blvd, OKC
  • United Pharmacy – 9015 Cornwell Dr, Yukon