OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board voted to accept the resignation of former OKCPS Superintendent Aurora Lora at a special board meeting, Tuesday night. 

Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Aurora Lora submitted her resignation Tuesday morning, the chair of OKCPS Board of Education announced. 

Ed Allen, the President of the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers, said Lora talked with several people Tuesday about her decision. Her resignation letter was submitted about a week after she vented on Facebook about the challenges of having several bosses. 

“When you go on social media as a Superintendent and criticize your employer there's really no coming back from that," Allen said. "So I told her she made the right decision." 

Allen said the district has been dysfunctional for decades and no person can fix the organization on their own. 

"I think for a long time we've had this idea that if we just hire the right Superintendent and they'll come in and they'll have great ideas and they'll  be such a great leader that everything is going to fall into place and it's way more complicated than that," Allen explained. 

OKCPS Board of Education Chair Paula Lewis thanked Aurora Lora for her service.

Although leadership changes are difficult, we support and have confidence in the teachers, administrators and staff who are steadfastly dedicated to providing the best possible educational experience for the 46,000 students who come through our doors every day. OKCPS thanks Superintendent Lora for her service and wishes her well.

- Paula Lewis   Chair, OKCPS Board of Education

The Board is also designating Chief of Staff Rebecca Kaye to serve as the Acting Superintendent.

Lora's letter of resignation is included below.