BECKHAM COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Lone Wolf contractor has been charged in Beckham County with felony construction fraud after an Elk City man hired him following last May’s Elk City tornado

Pridex Construction owner Chris Poindexter is the subject a 37-page arrest warrant. Elk City Police and Beckham County authorities say Poindexter attempted to charge homeowner Alan Beck $30,000 more than he should have to repair Beck’s house after the tornado. Beck says Poindexter tried to double-bill him on some repairs. Poindexter says that’s not true.

"It didn't seem like more than just fraud," said Beck. "It seemed like some kind of racket."

"I'm not paid to this day and now I'm facing a felony charge and I have been arrested for home repair fraud," said Poindexter. "I'm speechless. But the police say it's a valid charge. We'll let court proceedings take care of them."

 An attorney for Poindexter has filed a lien on Beck’s home.