OKLAHOMA CITY - The mother of a 12-year-old beaten and robbed on Jan. 17 said he is still in shock and having nightmares. Oklahoma City police are searching for the suspect behind the crime.

“My son is a good boy,” said the victim’s mother. “He helps people.”

That is exactly what the young victim was doing inside a convenience store near Rockwell and Northwest 10th. He told police the suspect was in the store and asked him for money.

“My son opened his wallet and I think this person saw how much money my son got,” said victim’s mother.  

Police said the suspect then went outside and waited for the boy. A witness at a car wash across the street told detectives the man pushed the boy off the bike in the middle of the road.

At first, he thought the two were playing, until the man punched the 12-year-old several times in the head and ran off with the victim's wallet.

Residents said it is a dangerous area for the young and old.  

“It’s sad that people are innocent,” said Brandy Milton, resident. “Who have nothing to do with what’s going on around here are being targeted.”

The robber took off on foot toward nearby apartments, but he was caught on the store's cameras.

The victim’s mother hopes someone will recognize the suspect and turn him over to police.

“If my son giving him money, why de doing this to him?” said victim’s mother. “Why? At least get the wallet and run but why he need to hit him? That’ what made me pretty upset. Made me mad

The boy was with two friends, but they were inside the store when the assault happened.