OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are working to identify a robbery suspect who tied up a business manager Saturday.

The victim, Myka Sederis, manages a Cash Express Northwest in Oklahoma City.

Surveillance video shows the male suspect entering the store in the morning.

Sederis says at first, she thought he just wanted a loan, but things soon took a turn.

“He was like, ‘I can do whatever I want,’ and he had his hand in his left pocket,” Sederis said.

The man allegedly guided Sederis to a back room and told her to do what he said.

“He then sat me back on the couch. He tied my wrists up with a white sweatshirt while invading my space,” Sederis said.

The store manager said the man began asking her where the money was. Terrified, Sederis told him.

Based on reports, after stashing his loot, the robber came back to taunt Sederis more before leaving.

“He tied up my ankles, and he asked me what my name was,” Sederis said.

The suspect then allegedly kept touching and talking to Sederis.

“He laughed at me then he asked me for my phone number,” Sederis said.

Oklahoma City Police say experiences like this one can leave the victim shaken.

“It's a very frightening situation when somebody is being robbed, and then they're being tied up by a suspect,” Sgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police said.

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

Sederis says she doesn’t want the man to do this again to anyone else.

“I felt very violated. I felt disgusting and as soon as I left I was ready for a shower. I needed to shower,” Sederis said.