YUKON, Oklahoma - Torry Elston runs a family business, Pearle Vision in Yukon. It just opened back in December.

Last Wednesday around 2:30 p.m., he says he was with a customer while a thief was caught on camera stealing two pairs of designer shades valued over $500.

“She picked them up,” Elston says, "put them right here in her shirt, and the other one, she dropped in her purse."

He soon put this picture on Facebook, trying to identify the woman.

The post now has over 2,000 shares, but even before it took off, Elston says the woman sent him a message asking him to take it down. She promised she would return the glasses if her picture was removed. But when she brought the frames back to the store, Elston says there was a problem.

They were the wrong ones, and that’s when he says he considered that she had targeted other businesses as well.

“I thought it was a one-time mistake,” Elston says, "and she made a mistake. From the cops and everyone else I talked to, it's happened a lot."

Oklahoma City Police says this woman is connected to numerous thefts throughout the metro. Her identity has been concealed as police are trying to locate her for an interview.

Elston says since the photo was released, he’s received calls from all over.

“There's makeup companies calling and saying, ‘That's the same girl that hit us,’" he says. "Dick's Sporting Goods said, ‘Hey, she stole from us, too."

The woman appeared on security footage again today, trying to pay the business back for the frames, according to Elston. However, he says she only brought enough to cover one pair of glasses. Elston says police told him that his merchandise has been located at a local pawn shop, and he’s hopeful to get them back.

“Whether she gets caught or not,” he says, "hopefully she stops, one way or another."

Elston adds the woman got into the passenger side of a car when she initially stole the glasses and believes she might be working with others. Police are asking metro businesses to take a good look at this woman’s photo and to give them a call if they’ve been hit too.