OKLAHOMA CITY - Last year was not a good year to be an Oklahoma state lawmaker. Politics got in the way of policy. Budget talks stalled over and over again. Underpaid teachers fled the state. And several lawmakers were accused in sex scandals. 

Now, Oklahomans are saying enough is enough.

A new Sooner Poll shows 58-percent of Oklahomans have an unfavorable view of Gov. Mary Fallin’s job performance.

“We’ve been polling in Oklahoma for 15 years and I’ve never seen a sitting governor have 60-percent unfavorable,” said Pollster Bill Shapard. He said Oklahomans believe the governor has failed to lead during budget negotiations. 

Gov. Fallin is expected to call the legislature back into special session after budget talks failed, and after she vetoed an agreement finally reached by the legislature.

“I think it’s  because we’ve had a state budget fiasco. I think that her vetoing the work that they’re doing and sending them back. You know I think Oklahomans are ready for any state budget whether it’s constitutional or not,” said Shapard.

State legislators aren’t faring much better. The Sooner Poll shows they have a 57-percent disapproval rating.  And they’re feeling the heat.

“We have taken a hit,” said Senator Ron Sharp (R) Shawnee. “I can tell the difference as a senator I walk into a room the perception the public has of me and what they had when I first was elected.”

Representative Bobby Cleveland (R) Cleveland County added, “We’ve got to do better. And Quite frankly I don’t blame the people for being upset. I’d like to see some things done. I’m upset myself.”