OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City's longest serving mayor gave his final State of the City address Thursday.

Mayor Mick Cornett reflected on 14 years in office.

He highlighted accomplishments including new wellness centers, bike trails, and the largest street resurfacing project in the country.

Cornett, who is the country’s longest serving mayor of a major city, also noted the need to better address poverty, mental illness and education.

“We have taken a city that has been branded in tragedy and have built it to a cosmopolitan economic powerhouse that is known for its compassion,” said Mayor Cornett, who did not mention his campaign for governor during his speech that lasted around 25 minutes.

After the speech, the mayor addressed Amazon’s latest cutdown list of cities being considered for his second headquarters.

"Long term we've had a lot of conversations going on with Amazon. I think, long term, we fit into their plans. It may not be a second headquarters, but I think they are going to have a significant presence in Oklahoma City,” says Cornet.

Amazon’s current presence is a 300,000 square-foot sortation center which opened last year.