EDMOND, Oklahoma - Police have a warning for metro citizens. Thieves are targeting mailboxes for W-2 forms.

Edmond police recently arrested Ashley Brown, 33, with tax paperwork that did not belong to her.

An alert citizen assisted officers in catching Brown.

The citizen first spotted a suspicious white car driving in his Northwest Oklahoma neighborhood. He told 911 dispatchers the driver was going through mailboxes and taking mail. He followed the white car through Oklahoma City and Edmond. The entire times he was on the phone with emergency dispatchers.

911 dispatcher: “Where are you now sir?”

Caller: “I’m still at Danforth and Western, kind of looking around. She’s driving very erratic.”

Edmond police caught up with the Brown in a store parking lot.

Caller: “I see the police pulling in and she’s walking towards my vehicle now.”

Besides admitting to having a fake driver’s license, officers found a stack of stolen mail in Brown's car. They also found casino cards, credit cards, checks, medication and tax forms that did not belong to her.

“There were six W-2s in the vehicle,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police Department.  

Brown told detectives she planned to use the W-2 information to open cellphone accounts. For that reason, police are warning citizens to keep a close eye on their mail this time of year.

"This time of year, given tax season,” said Wagnon. “And a lot of personal information is going in and out of mailboxes.”  

The suspected mail thief also told detectives she looks for mailbox flags that are up indicating outgoing mail.

“If you have a check or something that you’re mailing,” said Wagnon. “If you can drop it at the mailbox. Just better to be safe than sorry.”

Police said Brown also admitted to stealing a check and sending a picture of the account information to a friend for them to use.