OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrest a suspect Wednesday morning in connection to the Wilshire Gun range theft. Three suspects broke into the business in December and stole more than 20 guns worth thousands of dollars.

Police filed an arrest warrant for 23-year-old Anthony Holland Jr., nearly two weeks ago. Investigators tied him to a number of the guns that were stolen.

“Detectives have been working hard on this case ever since then,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Trying to piece together what happened and who is responsible.”  

The thieves shattered the front door with a brick and once inside they stole three rifles and 19 pistols, in only 45 seconds.

“A little over $13,000 is the total amount for the total 22 guns that were stolen,” said Kevin Maxfield, Wilshire Gun operations manager. “The pistols and the rifles.”  

Police said two of the stolen guns were located at a residence in northwest Oklahoma City.

Detectives also learned Holland sold two guns for $350 on Snapchat. Oklahoma City police and the ATF have the serial numbers of all the stolen firearms and were able to match the numbers to the guns that were sold over social media.

“This morning they were able to make the first arrest in this case,” said Knight. “There are still at least two people outstanding.”

Police said Holland is a convicted felon and now faces two complaints of unlawfully possessing and carrying a firearm.

Holland is being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $54,000 bond.

The investigation is far from over, detectives still need to locate two other suspects and the remaining stolen guns.