HUGHES COUNTY, Oklahoma - Jaden Spittler was driving down a rural road Sunday around 6 p.m. in Hughes County.

Four other girls were in the vehicle, including her little sister, Trinity. “She hit a bump and lost control of the car and we hit a sign and then fell into a creek,” Trinity told News 9.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the vehicle went into 10 feet of water. The four passengers were able to escape.

Trinity said they tried saving her sister, but Jaden didn't make it.

“Me and Pam broke the window and we got out, but we couldn’t get her out because she had a seatbelt on,” she explained. Jaden, 15, was spunky and full of heart, her mom said. She put others first.

“She’s going to be missed, for sure,” Kristi Wagner said. “She was just an amazing little girl.”

Now Wagner, a single mother, is faced with something no parent is prepared for: planning her child's funeral.

“She’s looking down on us right now, hoping that we celebrate her life and not her death,” Wagner said.

If you’d like to help this family, you can donate directly to the Fisher Funeral Home in Holdenville. It is located at 700 S Broadway Street, and the phone number is (405) 379-5500.

Tuesday, Wagner said a fund would also be set up for the family at the First National Bank in Holdenville.