DALE, Okla. - Freshman Emily Chesser, 15, shows her support for the Dale High School Pirates every day they practice. She shoots around with the girls basketball team and watches them get game-ready.

So when she subbed in for the very first time herself Tuesday night against Oklahoma Christian Schools, it was tough for the players not to tear up.

“I was trying not to sob on the court,” said senior Claire Chastain. “It was so emotional. We were just blessed to be a part of it.”

Coach Josh Forsythe's idea went just as planned and Emily got the ball. On her third try, she scored.

“The place just erupted,” Forsythe said. “It was an awesome moment, for sure.”

The crowd cheered, hearts melted and high-fives followed. Emily’s parents were so proud.

“It was exciting to see her do something that you hoped that one day she would get to do, but you weren’t sure if it would ever happen,” Stephanie Chesser told News 9 about seeing her daughter play.

Emily was born three months premature and received a rare diagnosis.

“They told us to begin with she’d never walk, she’d never talk,” her mom explained.

But Emily has beat the odds and then some.

She loves the Oklahoma City Thunder, specifically Steven Adams and Russell Westbrook.

But Tuesday night, she got to be the star player and create that remarkable moment no one in the room could ever forget.

“It will forever be in our minds and our hearts,” her mom said.